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In 2008 Mike earned his masters degree in writing popular fiction from Seton Hill University

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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Hey Kids, Look, There's Big Ben Again: A Real-Life Griswold's Account of His European Vacation (Part III)

Flash forward to our second day in Germany, which included a stop in a tiny town called Mechernich (I think I got the name right).

The reason for our brief stop there was because in Mechernich in a field in the middle of what seemed like nowhere (I'm serious I could smell cow manure as we walked) there's a little known structure designed by architect Peter Zumthor.  Known as the Brother Claus Field Chapel, it is one of a few chaples that he has created.

The triangular-door itself is made of lead, the outside very industrial--concrete, straight lines, funky angles, something you might see when a child is first learning to draw 3D perspective. internally, the chapel feels organic, almost as if it were a naturally occurring phenomenon. The open ceiling and glass baubles plastered into the corrugated walls created an eerie effect.  Added to its remote location, I would almost believe you if you said it was an alien structure.  Here are a few pix.  

Crazy right?
How can I not set a story there?

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