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Mike Mehalek writes fast-paced lyrical books that can be enjoyed with one reading but have enough substance for re-reading. He brings stories to life that demand to be told, regardless of the hopes/dreams/fears/desires of his characters--the Story first--always the Story.

In 2008 Mike earned his masters degree in writing popular fiction from Seton Hill University

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Thursday, June 27, 2013

Cover Reveal: Green Shift by Heidi Ruby Miller

I am extremely pleased to be announcing the upcoming release of Heidi Ruby Miller's Greenshift.  Heidi is a class-act and so is her writing.  All of her stories are refreshing, her worlds imaginative (and completely realized), and her characters relatable.

But it is her ability to entertain the Sci-fi crowd while still being able to draw in those of us who either don't read Sci-fi or only read it casually that I find truly remarkable in everything she does.

Check out Greenshift (read: BUY IT!) You'll not be disappointed.

To celebrate the cover reveal for Greenshift, the e-book will be temporarily 99 cents at Amazon!

A tale set within the world of Ambasadora.

Mari's rare eye color makes her a pariah within Upper Caste society, which is why she prefers plants to people...except David, the former Armadan captain who shuttles scientists around on a refurbished pleasure cruiser.

But someone else is interested in Mari and her distinctive look--an obsessed psychopath who tortures and murders women for pleasure.

When the killer chooses Mari as his next victim, the soldier inside David comes alive, but it is Mari who must fight for her own life and prove she isn't as fragile as the flowers she nurtures.

Greenshift by Heidi Ruby Miller

Cover Art by Bradley Sharp

Foreword by Dana Marton

Space Opera/Science Fiction Romance paperback coming from Dog Star Books in August 2013

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Cover Reveal: Hysteria

Hysteria by Stephanie M Wytovich

Today I'm showcasing the cover for the upcoming book of poetry by demented poetress and Poe-lover, Stephanie M. Wytovich.   

SUMMARY: Asylums once used to confine those deemed mentally unfit linger, forgotten behind trees or urban development, beautiful yet desolate in their decay. Within them festers something far more unnerving than unlit corners or unexplained noises: the case files left to moulder out of sight, out of conscience. Stephanie M. Wytovich forces your hands upon these crumbling, warped binders and exposes your mind to every taboo misfortune experienced by the outcast, exiled, misbegotten monsters and victims who have walked among us. The poetry contained in Hysteria performs internal body modification on its readers in an unrelenting fashion, employing broad-spectrum brutality treatment that spans the physical to the societal, as noted in Stoker Award winner Michael A. Arnzen's incisive introduction.

The book to be released by Raw Dog Screaming Press can be pre-ordered here:

Then stop by the Madhouse  (http://joinmeinthemadhouse.blogspot.com/) and--from a safe distance--tell Stephanie hi.

Poetress and first-class hugger
Stephanie M Wytovich upon
meeting yours truly 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Book Launch: Patrick Stutzman's Alone in the Crowd

Once again I am honored to be presenting another author's work on my site.  There is so much great fiction out there and I love every opportunity to share  the successes of fellow authors.  

Today I present Patrick Stutzman and volume 3 in the Chronicles of Anna Foster: Alone in the Crowd


Available on 15 June 2013 on Amazon

Cover Art by 

Tomomi Ink

Alone No More?

Earth has finally sent a colony to the moon where Anna has been stranded, bringing with it hope of rescue. Although some are not quick to trust her, others welcome her with open arms, and she finds an unlikely friendship in a young colonist named Jason.

As Anna teaches the settlers to survive, the looming threat of the aliens' return casts a dark, foreboding shadow over the colony. Can she earn the colonists' trust and prepare them in time for first contact?

Visit the author’s website at  The Worlds of Patrick Stutzman 

See what other works are available from the author at 

Visit the cover artist’s website at Tomomi Ink

Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Sometimes the Devil you know...

Well Trickyverse--the wait for the sequel to the Devil and Preston Black (Devil) is finally almost over.  Like Devil, the cover art is friggin' sweet I must say.   Plus if you're like me and can't wait until the official release, Jason Jack Miller has graciously given us a peek at the first 100 pages--scroll down to the link.  You will NOT be disappointed.

I'd have more to say except...well I paused my reading of those excerpt pages just long enough to post this and--I'm headed back.

For your protection


Rock on Trickyverse--Rock On


Coming June 2013 from Raw Dog Screaming Press

Cover Art by Brad Vetter

Preston and Katy face a new darkness....

Sometimes a battle between good and evil doesn't look much like the ones they show in movies. The good guys don't always wear white, and they don’t always walk away with the win.

And sometimes you're better off with the devil you know.

The last time Preston went down to the crossroads, his best friend died and he nearly lost his brother. But Old Scratch doesn't take kindly to fools, especially not those who come knocking at his front door. And before all is said and done, he's going to teach Preston a thing or two about what it really means to sacrifice.

Read the first 100 pages of The Revelations of Preston Black - http://jasonjackmiller.blogspot.com/p/the-revelations-of-preston-black.html

Pre-order The Revelations of Preston Black at Raw Dog Screaming Press - http://www.rawdogscreaming.com/books/the-revelations-of-preston-black.html