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Mike Mehalek writes fast-paced lyrical books that can be enjoyed with one reading but have enough substance for re-reading. He brings stories to life that demand to be told, regardless of the hopes/dreams/fears/desires of his characters--the Story first--always the Story.

In 2008 Mike earned his masters degree in writing popular fiction from Seton Hill University

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Reading is Tricky

Welcome to my virtual cafe Reading is Tricky!

I hesitated but finally decided to create this page for several reasons. 
  1. When I find an author that I like, I often wonder to myself, "What does this person read?" And if it turns out you like what I write, you may be wondering the same thing.

  2. I enjoy shared experiences. I like friends willing to doing shots with me on my birthday, I like people who wait to ride in the front car on a roller coaster with me, and I especially like when I can sit down over a coffee and discuss with someone a book that we've both read.

  3. I like to share information and introduce people to books that perhaps they wouldn't find on their own.

  4. If you are a writer or magician, I wanted to give you a place to find some good books on the art and business of writing or sleight of hand.

  5. Reading brings people together (...those shared experiences again).
So I wanted a way to share what not only what it is that I write, but what I read as well.

Reading is Tricky is such a place. You can't buy your way onto one of the lists here. I've read each of these books personally, and on some level, I've dug something about them. It's also peek at who I am as both a writer and a person and where I come from. I guess in a way, it's a chance to share something I love with a fellow human being. It's a place where (I hope) you can find stories that inspire, horrify, stick with you--In short, stories you love. Because in the end, that's what reading is, a treasure hunt with no map, a search for the perfect Story.

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