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Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Finding Time to Read in a Tricky 2013

Well my 2013 reading goal was 50. I knew it was unlikely that I'd do this, what with a new home, a marriage, and a new novel, but by setting the bar high, I WAS able to read 26 (and closer to my "real" goal of 30.  I am a very slow and detailed reader, so this has got to be a personal best).

The theme of this year was books that became movies or TV shows interspersed with some others because these were books I've been salivating over and just *HAD* to read. And while I didn't get to all of the titles that I wanted to (Next year, Exorcist, Godfather, and Harry Potter, next year!) I thoroughly loved these selections. I've bolded the titles that fit the theme...

I've also linked to the pages of some authors that you may or may not have heard but are so, so, so worth checking out.

So without further adieu, here they are by month that I finished the book.

  • Darkly, Dreaming Dexter--Jeff Lindsay
  • Dearly, Devoted Dexter--Jeff Lindsay
  • Dexter in the Dark--Jeff Lindsay
  • Sleeping Murder--Agatha Christie
  • Fight Club--Chuck Palahniuk

  • Lisey’s Story--Stephen King
  • Leave Myself Behind--Bart Yates
  • Odd Interlude--Dean Koontz

  • The Mysteries of Pittsburgh--Michael Chabon
  • Water for Elephants--Sara Gruen
  • Dexter by Design--Jeff Lindsay
  • Psycho--Robert Bloch

  • Blood Meridian--Cormac McCarthy

  • Shogun--James Clavell

  • Full Dark, No Stars--Stephen King

  • The War Magician--David Fisher
  • The American Boy--Andrew Taylor


  • Odd Men Out--Matt Betts
  • Trick or Treachery--Jessica Fletcher and Donald Bain

You can see these books and my all time reading list at goodreads.

*I did read my book this year (for fun) after publication so I counted it...Hope that's not cheating

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